Why you should prioritise an address change

It can be hectic to relocate to a new town, new apartment, and new job. This is because as you move from a city like Los Angeles to New York, your head will be swimming with a lot to do. While at that time you’ll not have realized how important it is to change your address this article will be useful in restating how crucial it is to update your mailing address promptly.

New mailing address, not a big deal

Once you move into an exceptionally comfortable apartment in New York City, you’ll be spending the first few weeks redecorating, unpacking and integrating into your new environment. After that, you’ll be undertaking the task of traversing the area for a post office, laundry mat, and a grocery store so that your relocation would go in a natural way possible. However, the funny thing is that locating the nearby post office will still not reinvigorate the importance of updating your mailing address. You’ll continue putting it off as a duty that you’ll do later but not crucial to your overall relocation, so start right away instead and go with change-of-address-online.com.

When jury obligation calls

After few weeks since you moved, you receive a call from your old roommate informing you that in the mail at your old apartment you had received a jury notification. Your first disposition will be to assume the notice as a strange timing but not a big deal, planning to call them later by explaining to them that you had moved. However, when you call the courts to inform them, you’ll not be serving. The court representative appeals to you to mail record evidence of your move through USPS’s regular update of address. When you mention to her that you’ve not updated your mailing address, she becomes surprised explaining to you that your date for serving will be coming up, and in less than two weeks you’ll be required to submit your evidence or else fly to LA to serve. When you tell her you’ll make the update right away she explains to you that the whole procedure will take three to four weeks. This will make you think why something as straightforward as updating your mailing address takes more extended time.

It’s easy to update thus do not wait

To hasten your official mailing address update, you’ll need to contact USPS and pay additional payment. To beg for an extension, you’ll be required to approach the courts. The good thing is you’ll finally be able to finish in time both duties. Thus you won’t need to fly back to LA to serve. Unfortunately for this to be fulfilled it will take hours of phone calls, paperwork and time away from relishing your new town. To assist you to evade the same difficulties below is a straightforward checklist.

Do the update before relocating

USPS authorizes address updates up to ninety days before transferring and lets you choose a future time when it will take effect.

Separately contact your financial and government agencies.

Apart from updating your mailing address with USPS, you’ll also need to ensure you’ve reached organizations that regularly dispatch your mail like your financial institution and other government organizations.