Why you should never lose your social security card

Year in year out, myriads of Americans fall prey to identity thieves. Unfortunately, the trend has been on a gradual rise over time. Such massive statistics portray the uncertainty surrounding the loss of one’s Social Security Card. The Social Security Card has the Social Security number and is issued by the government as it’s primary method of identifying an American citizen. It is, therefore, no wonder how much havoc can be wrecked by the theft of the prized card. So go ahead and useĀ application-filing-service.com/socialsecuritycard/lost-and-replacement-social-security-cards/ while you can.

To highlight the vast effects of an identity theft occurrence, a gross data breach by the Social Security Administration in 2015 enabled hackers to gain access to the Social Security numbers of all federal employees. Armed with such info, amidst other personal details, identity thieves can perform fraudulent activities and leave the feds on the wrong trail. Even though the illicit use of the social security number exposes one to the harm of fraudsters, it’s noteworthy that the risk of identity theft intensifies when the social security card itself lands into the wrong, and obviously evil hands.

Uses of the social security numberWith the social security number, an unprincipled person can get other critical personal information about you. We can assess the importance of keeping your social security card safe by pinpointing some of the places you’ll need to fish it out to access services. For instance, you need your social security card to apply for credit. Until it happens, it’s hard to imagine creditors billing you for unpaid debts that were unethically accessed in your name. Moreover, the downward spiral into more problems is catalysed by the social security administration not really being of much help after such a disaster. Alongside the illicit use of your financial information, a fraudster who files returns in your identity can earn you a place on the blacklist of the laser-eyed Internal Revenue Service. Remember, tax refunds can be claimed with your identity. The worst result of such vulnerability is having your accounts frozen by the authorities. Considering that you’ll use the social security card to identify yourself while claiming benefits and medical care too, it’s astonishing how much further into a hole the theft of your card can shove you.

How to keep your card secure, Social Security Administration advises against carrying your social security card with you. Most people lose their cards with their wallets, purses or even forget them at the check-out counters of institutions. Well, the card can be left at home since it’s possible to memorise the nine digits that your life is tethered to. On the other hand, if that is an uphill task, securing your card in a safe box with your bank is amongst the safest of options.

The fact that the social security administration cannot change your social security number unless there’s glaring evidence of fraud expounds on the importance of keeping your social security card safe. There’s a silver lining though. In case of a stolen card, the social security authorities provide an avenue to restrict further transactions under such identity. You may file a report with the local police then afterwards apply for a replacement card.