Repairing an iPhone

Replacing the screen on the iPhone is one of the more difficult repairs. Before you try to do this repair you need to ensure that you have enough time to finish the repair and that you have a working space that is clear enough for your iPhone and the replacement screen.

In order to replace the screen, you will have to take your iPhone completely apart. Therefore, if you are not confident, we would recommend that you head over to iphone repair atlanta to ensure that the repair is done right. Before beginning the repairs, you will need a few small pieces of paper to label the origin of the screws and the parts. These pieces of paper need to be labeled metal black screws, black aluminum case, and motherboard. Then, lay the pieces of paper on the workspace leaving some small space between them for the iPhone components including the replacement screen to lie in.

To do this repair, you should have a small Philips screwdriver, a case opener, the replacement screen, and a paperclip. You also need to be sure that your hands are clean before you begin the repair.

The first thing to do is to take the SIM tray out. To do this, insert the paper clip into the hole on top of the iPhone that is next to the power button. This should eject the SIM tray. Next, remove the back of the iPhone with the case opener and put the two components next to the labels. Then put them on the work space far away from you.

On both sides of the back that secures the metal casing take out the two small screws, and there is another screw that can be located on the top, middle, from where the plastic back was removed. Put all of the screws on the paper labels. Carefully run the case opener along either side of the iPhone to loosen it from the frame. A ribbon made of wire secures the metal back and needs to be detached carefully from the primary part of the iPhone and not the metal back end.

Carefully take the antenna cable to the iPhone out which is glued in three places. Carefully try to pry it loose from the spots of glue. From the sides of the iPhone take out the ten screws, and label these screws to indicate that they go to the outside case and put them on the work space. Then, take out the three screws that are holding the motherboard. Next, you will have to remove the motherboard and the simultaneously because they are soldered together. Carefully remove the remaining frame from the iPhone.

You will has to take the broken screen out to replace it with the replacement screen. Being very careful, loosen the three clips that are located on the sides of the screen and begin to slowly remove the old screen. There will be a few wires that are connected with the iPhone so carefully guide these through the frame.

Finally, place the replacement screen for the iPhone into the iPhone. Then reassemble all of the parts in reverse order.