Movement is Life

In nowadays most people have the sedentary lifestyle that is the cause of many diseases. A huge number of people have the illness like obesity, high blood pressure, shortness of breath and headaches. If you have one of this symptom, you should protect your health and care about it.

Lack of physical activity is the biggest problem of the modern world. People want to have a comfortable life. They use the cars for moving, work in the offices and sit in the comfortable chairs. They have not the time for go to a gym, do not want to spend money on expensive sports equipment.

But all experts and doctors say that healthy food and sport are the best helpers for you for losing weight and improve the health. But, you hate sport, the exercises is torture for you. Do not be upset; we have the solution – you need to move as much as possible.

Yes, you can just walk and lose your weight. Experts recommend doing not less than 10 000 steps during every day. But, we do an average of 5000 steps. If you want to lose weight, you should do about 15 000 steps. So, you must all day count your steps. Is it boring? Yes, it is.

There is an excellent device – a step counter, it accurately measures all the steps you make in a day. The step counter allows you keep track of factors that affect the general condition of the body, lose weight, and strengthen the heart muscle. If you get an aktivitetsarmbånd, it can even be strapped to your arm.

There are different models on the market. One of them is cheap and just count your step, other is more expensive, but have some additional functions.

There are the most common functions:

  • determination of distance and speed (calculated based on the average step size or using GPS, which is more accurate)
  • determination of calorie consumption (calculated after the introduction of weight)
  • a stopwatch
  • a pulsometer
  • a counter of steps per minute
  • connecting to a computer, which allows you to upload information to your computer and build graphics.

But the most main “function” that should have is ease of use and small size.

The best place of your body for wearing it is in front of the waist, on the same line with the knee.

This device is easy in exploitation, but it is very useful. You can control your lifestyle and be more active. Just do some few extra steps, it is easy. We can give you advice about Increasing physical activity:

  • Do park away from the entrance. You can make about hundreds of steps, leaving the car away from work or entering the store.
  • Play with your kids.
  • Clearing yourself.
  • Do not use an elevator, use upstairs.
  • Walk outside. It is useful, and you will enjoy.

If you do some of this activities and use a step counter, you will notice that you are more active than before.

Like dozens of years ago, the main purpose of the step counter is to count the steps. You can control the number of steps you’ve taken using wearable trackers or an application on your smartphone. Do not think that the pedometer is something complicated and incomprehensible. Programs-pedometers are designed for the widest range of lovers of a healthy lifestyle. Applications are conventionally divided by the degree of complexity and functionality.

You have the choice. You can buy expensive or cheap devices or free program on your phone. You can use simple or complex devices. But you have not the choice about your health. You must be healthy. Your health is your happiness and happiness of your family. Just you can protect yourself, don’t forgot about it.

Be healthy.