How To Change Your Address At The Post Office

The world is constantly moving and so are we as humans. At a point in life, we see the need to move from one vicinity to another for reasons we reserve to ourselves. Moving can be quite hectic considering the fact that you have to completely change whatever you had in your previous location. One of the challenges that come with moving is the need to change your postal address. Changing your postal address as written by is necessary in order to update your customer identification program (CIP), avoid identity theft, meet certain legal requirements of government entities and of course ensuring that your mail comes at the right place. In this short guide, we will provide you a one-stop shop to answer all your questions about changing your postal address.

Changing a postal address can be done in several ways. To start with, you may choose to follow the traditional hardcopy procedure of changing your address. This can be done by visiting your nearest post office and request for a Mover’s guide packet. Inside the packet is the PS form 3575. Fill out the change of address form and drop it in the letter mail slot or present it to the postal worker behind the counter. The procedure usually operates smoothly and you should be done in a less than an hour. Under normal circumstances, you would recieve a letter of confirmation at your new address in five business days. You can find the nearest post office around you by visiting . You can also visit (

To add to the above method, you can also choose to change your address online. Changing your address online is a lot more easier and convenient. There are a lot of websites that work to change postal addresses online. Some of these sites or companies are a bit fraudulent and can charge you as high as $40 for changing your address. For the sake of clarity and ensuring your safety, we will take you through the official process of changing your postal address directly from the USPS website.

First, visit the official USPS website at ( The page will welcome you with the terms and conditions (privacy act statement) involved in changing your address. Proceed by accepting the statement into the next page.

The next page is where you would start your change of address process. You would be given options as to whether your change is permanent or temporary. Choose your desired option. You can also select your desired date to start receiving your mail at the new address. After completing the requirements of the first page, proceed to the personal information page on the second.

On the second page, you will be required to add your personal details, contact information, your old address details, the new address you are moving to and a few other prompts. You would need to include your email address and phone number in the contact information section. This is necessary because your address change confirmation would be sent to you through the email.

After this, you can then move to the identity check page where your identity would be verified. You need a debit or credit card to complete this stage of the process. A $1 charge would be effected in order to confirm your identity. This charge further protects yourself and the USPS website from fraudulent activities. After this stage, you can then proceed to the “instant savings” and “confirm order” pages to complete your process. After your process is complete, you would receive an instant confirmatory email message of your change of address.

You may learn more about how to change your postal address online by visiting ( You can also call toll free number 1-800-ASK-USPS.