How to buy a good razor for men?

Whether you have just started shaving, or you are a bit older and experienced with beard and shaving tools, you should know the importance of having a reliable and efficient razor. A truly well-designed razor fromĀ should be able to provide you any kind o beard style you desire (clean-cut, thick sideburns, goatee, stubble etc.), while at the same time not compromising precision, hygiene, safety, maintenance and durability. Best option to go for would be the stainless steel blade for many reasons.It prevents hygiene inadequacy and enables sharpness and thorough precision.If you choose the right stainless steel blade you can be assured, that you will not have any sort of irritation or in-grown hairs, because with a well-balanced razor you can safely glide over every part of your face. But for this to be possible, the blades need to be ridged and sharp and at the same time gentle towards your skin, while the handle needs to be jointed firmly with the razor head to enable flexibility.

The pivotal razor head enables the blades to access all face contours in equal measure.A proper firm grip on the handle assures great shave control.A razor with a smaller grip enables more balance and precision, while the bigger handles usually mean the razor is heavier, thus the weight of it will apply more pressure by itself. Durability and maintenance are also the key components in a razor.Catridge and double edge razors are by far the most reasonably priced shaving tools, especially when in comparison with the more advanced electric razors and beard trimmers.Double edge razors are best suited for long-term, while the catridge razors are built for fewer shavings with equally impressive results. When it comes to maintenance, catridge razors only require wiping and rinsing of the blades every few shaves, while the straight razors require more thorough cleaning of the lock system for the razor to be more durable and functional.The razor must be able to provide you a smooth, safe and comfortable shaving experience constantly.

This is where thinner blades come in handy, because of a lesser facial resistance.This eliminates any unpleasant sensations like pulling of the hairs. Along with the pivoting head adjusting to the curves of the face, lubricating strips and numerous blades also create an advantage in enabling smooth and sufficient strokes with minimal resistance. This why the five-blade razors for example, are able to shave off the stubble and thick, long and coarse hairs with ease, while getting rid of the excess shaving gel or cream. Some razors are equipped with the special built in trimmers for precision cuts, like the upper lip and sideburns area.A larger filter space accommodates for the excess hair, which makes the rinsing easier and prevents the gel and hair from blocking the reach of blades.Some razors are equipped with lubricating strips (with aloe vera and various vitamins), whic makes the shaving much smoother and the skin benefits greatly from healthy moisturizing. By taking these significant aspects of the quality of the razor, you can be assured that you will choose a proficient razor that will provide a smooth, safe and comfortable shaving every single time.