Contact with IRS

If you are like me, you try to avoid any and all contact with the IRS. Sadly, most of the time when you have to talk with them, the discussion is for nothing that will be of a benefit to you, usually it is quite the opposite. When you change residential addresses, (move somewhere else) it is very important to update that information with the IRS as soon as possible for a number of reasons. You may be thinking it would be fine to wait because they will find out as soon as you file next year’s taxes right? That is the wrong way of thinking. Arguably some of the most important pieces of correspondence you can receive may come from the IRS or another government agency. If the IRS sends you a refund because you have been overpaying on your taxes, but they have the wrong address on file, it will most definitely add more time than necessary before it gets to you, if it even makes it there! To track the refund you can find out onĀ

There are also times the IRS will send you something that is extremely time sensitive. If the IRS has a deadline that they have to send it to you, they will not be at fault if they have the wrong address on file and it is delayed getting to you. This would be considered your fault and they would not make an exception for you. Let us pretend you have a time sensitive document due back to the IRS in 3 weeks. The IRS must send it within one week, leaving you with two weeks to send the document back to them. They send it on time, but you did not inform them that 3 months back you moved to another apartment building, so you get the letter 2 days past the deadline. This is not the IRS’ fault, you are responsible for the letter being late.

If for example the IRS sends you a tax deficiency notice to the wrong address, they will accept no excuses for the tax not being paid. They may even add additional penalties on top of what you already due to you being late.

Nobody enjoys dealing with paperwork, or phone calls with the government, but updating your address with the IRS is very easy to do and should be done as soon as you have your new address lined up and in place. Simply go to and fill out form 8822 and send it back to them. Done as simply as that, it could very likely save you a lot of time, trouble and even potentially money.

If you want to make sure you get time sensitive documents from the IRS to you at a reasonable time, or you want to make sure the money you are owed from the government comes, you will want to keep your current address up to date with the IRS. There is a simple form to do this on their website, I urge you to take advantage of it.