Completing a 3575 form


In this article we shall be looking at how to complete a United States Postal Service form number 3575.

What is a United States Postal Services 3575 form, and what is it used for?
Put simply this form is used to tell the postal services that you have moved, it will act to forward any mail you receive to your new address and buy you the time needed to change addresses at the senders, a perfect example of this being useful is for things like bank letters, or post from the Department of Motor Vehicles. This form, can seem intimidating at first glance, but in this guide I intend to break it down into simple, manageable chunks in plain English.

This form consists of seventeen segments, and must be filled in with either black or blue ink, the 3575 form also states that all information should be clearly printed, this simply means that each letter should be clearly written, it even has vertical dotted lines to help arrange letters and spacing. Learn more fromĀ

Section one.

This is a tick box section, asking if you are changing address for yourself, yourself and your family or for a business, simply tick the applicable box. If for a business, you will not have to fill out section five.

Section two.

This box is asking you if your move is temporary or permanent, A good example of a temporary move is personal serving in the military, who are being assigned to a new base for a short period of time. Permanent moves cover people moving home. If you tick the box for permanent. You will not have to complete section four.

Section three.

Section three is asking when the redirection of mail should begin, I recommend filling this in as the date you are due to move into your new address.

Section four.

Section four covers for non permanent moves, and is asking when you would like the mail redirection to end. I recommend this date being the date you are due to move back into your old address, as previously mentioned if the move is permanent, this section is left blank.

Section five A and five B

This section is your first name and surname. Five A is for your surname and title (Mr, Mrs ect.) Five B covers your first name and middle Initial, for example John D.

Section six.

For Businesses only, If your moving business address, this box is for your company name.

Section seven, A though E

This section looks complicated but really isn’t, it simply requires your old address, read it carefully and make sure you spell everything correctly. It is worth noticing that section seven B is for residents of puerto Rico only.

Section eight A though E

Section eight is almost identical to section seven, except this is for your new address, as with section seven it is worth noticing that section eight B is also for residents moving to Peurto Rico. It is well worth getting someone you trust to double check your form, this helps to eliminate mistakes that can sometimes happen.

Section nine is the last part to this form.

Print your name on the top line, sign on the lower line, and write in the date you completed this form.

When completed you need to hand this form into your local post office, or to your mail man, who will return it to the postal office for you.

With a little care and attention this form is not a hastle to fill out and I hope this guide helps reduce the stress and hastle of completing it.